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netsolutions: web hosting
        the easiest way to establish your internet presence

::  Web Hosting Plan SP600DX
        1800MBytes Total Storage (600MBytes Web Space + 1200MBytes Email Space)
        60 POP3 email accounts (20MBytes of standalone space for each box)
        Unlimited email forwarding/aliases
        Unlimited transfer *
        Unlimited subdomains

        PERL (CGI) Scripting Support
        PHP (mod_php) Scripting Support
        SSI (.shtml) Server-side Includes Support
        2 MySQL Database Support

        Web Mail browser mailbox interface
        Email Control Panel for easy account creation
        Account Control Panel for maintaining your registered information
        2 FTP Accounts for 24/7/365 file transfers
        File Manager for on-the-go file management

        2 FREE domain names for your sites (.com/.net/.org) **

HKD$800 per year      
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* The abuse of bandwidth/traffic is strictly prohibited.
** Fully owned and transferrable after the contract period of one year.

Please refer to our Terms of Services for more information.

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