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netsolutions: faqs
        an archive of frequently asked questions

       Before contacting us, you might find the answers to popular questions in this archive. Please read the answers carefully to see if they help solve your questions or not. Don't hesitate to contact us if your question still cannot be solved.

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       +   What is web hosting?
       +   What is server colocation?
       +   What is server rental?
       +   What is email hosting?
       +   What is a domain name/subdomain?
       +   How can you charge such a low price without getting bankrupt?
       +   How can I pay for your services?
       +   Can I transfer my existing sites?
       +   Do you provide a control panel for your customers?
       +   Can I use .hk domain names?
       +   Can I change plans?
       +   Is my site backed up regularly?
       +   What kind of content do you allow?
       +   What platform are your servers running on?
       +   Why does the error message "Forbidden" appear?
       +   What does "Internal Server Error" mean?
       +   Sounds great. Is there any trial service provided?

::  What is web hosting?
    Long long ago, one server can only hold one single site. At that time, only people with a lot of money can own their websites. As technology grew, servers can now hold more than one website, therefore, everybody can have their own websites without having to spend lots of money in buying hardware and bandwidth. The idea of the web hosting services provided in netsolutions is, that we allocate space for you to use our server to host your website, thus publishing your website to the rest of the world, at an affordable price.

::  What is server colocation?
    Colocating a server means to rent space and connection from our datacenter rack for your own server. Hosting servers at home or in an office may be a bad idea since the environment is not designed for maintaining a high degree of reliability, not to mention that the internet connection is never a rival to that of a datacenter. Our datacenter is equipped with fire and flood prevention, temperature, humidity and access control systems that keeps your server running smooth than ever, then, it can carry out the day's job without rocks and stones.

::  What is server rental?
    Server rental in netsolutions means to rent server hardware and colocate the server. We are highly experienced in designing hardware for server applications. To eliminate your need for additional system designers, we provide a number of sets of configurations for you to choose from. Plans also include colocation in our state-of-the-art datacenter, providing a high standard environment for flawless server operation. Renting a server is also economical for short-term usage, since you do not have to waste money on purchasing hardware.

::  What is email hosting?
    Hosting your email services with netsolutions will let you gain access to POP3, IMAP and WebMail access to your mailboxes. You can deligate the mail exchange of your domain name to netsolutions to enjoy the services. Email hosting is especially suitable for corporate users who wants to have multiple email accounts for users, but not web hosting services; or users with an existing hosted website, but their email accounts can not cope with the increasing storage size.

::  What is a domain name/subdomain?
    A domain name is an address in cyberspace. There are two popular sets of addressing systems on the internet - Domain Name System (DNS) and the numeric IP address system. Domain names are addresses which automatically translates into IP addresses by domain name servers, and redirected properly. Examples of domain names are netsolutions.com.hk and yahoo.com. Subdomains, on the other hand, are additional names under domain names. Examples of subdomains are www as in www.netsolutions.com.hk, and search as in search.yahoo.com.

::  How can you charge such a low price without getting bankrupt?
    The answer is very simple - we have a good financial management system. We carefully plan every investment to ensure that the fees you pay goes directly back to you yourself. We do not use expensive furniture and splendid decorations in our office, as those are useless. We focus only on the quality of service we provide, and thus routing all the capital to the area. Our unrivaled price tag is able to stand because of our prolonged devotion to the internet marketing field. We simply manage our funds well, and none of them are wasted like they are in other firms

::  How can I pay for your services?
    Payment can be made by HSBC bank transfer, ATM, online banking or phone banking. We also offer credit card debit payment through PayPal, a secure online payment system. We do not require the use of a credit card, and that makes it clear that we won't charge something outside the price tag you see. The most widely used payment method of our customers is the use of an instant deposit machine in any of the Hong Kong Bank branches. You only have to insert cash into the machine to pay.

::  Can I transfer my existing site?
    Yes, of course. First, you'll need to backup all the data from your former provider to your computer. Second, you have to send a request to the company where you registered your domain name to change the two nameservers to those we provide when you apply for one of the web hosting plans offered by us. Don't forget to choose "Existing Domain" when prompted. You're always welcomed to contact our staff at support@netsolutions.com.hk for further help on this issue.

::  Do you provide a control panel for your customers?
    Yes, we provide a full featured control panel for users to create and manage their email accounts, aliases and forwardings. We also provide a telnet utility for users to change their password.

::  Can I use .hk domain names?
    There are regulations governing the registration and use of .hk domain names. For .com.hk domain names, you'll need a valid business registration in Hong Kong. For .net.hk, you'll need a valid PNETS license. For .org.hk, you'll need a valid non-profiting organization registration in hong Kong. We do not register .hk domain names, but you can use them if you registered them yourself.

::  Can I change plans?
    Yes, you may. Upgrade to a higher plan is free of charge, while downgrading to a lower plan costs you HKD$100 for covering our administration costs.

::  Is my site backed up regularly?
    Yes, it is. We run daily NFS backups and weekly offsite backups to ensure that the data is safe from disk failure. Single disk failures will not lead to a loss of data in our servers because of the auto-recovering ability of our RAID disk arrays. Multiple disk failures can be easily recovered by feeding back the back up copies.

::  What kind of content do you allow?
    Generally speaking, we allow legal sites with legal contents. We do not accept sites with contents that infringe the laws of Hong Kong SAR or any copyright law. Examples of sites that will not be accepted are adult-oriented, warez , crack, triad and any sites related to illegal activities. Download sites that drain a lot of bandwidth are not accepted. Sites that occupy a large portion of server resources, for example, site with large CGI forums, sites that provide services to third-party users, sites containing illegal music files are not allowed, too.

::  What platform are your servers running on?
    Our web and mail servers run FreeBSD, a BSD UNIX system that is extremely stable and well-developed. Our MySQL servers run Debian Linux, the most robust Linux distribution. We use Apache Web Server, the most widely used web server, together with mod_cgi, which allows you to optionally run PERL CGI scripts, and PHP (compiled as an Apache module), a versatile and easy-to-learn web programming language.

::  Why does the error message "Forbidden" appear?
    The "Forbidden" error occurs when you do not have a valid index document (usually index.html or index.php) for a directory, and directory indexing is disabled. Please upload a valid index document to solve the error.

::  What does "Internal Server Error" mean?
    Only one in ten thousand "Internal Server Errors" are actually caused by a server fault. Most likely, your script has a bad permission (a.k.a. CHMOD) setting, error statements and/or a wrong path to the PERL intepreter. Fix the problem and you'll soon realize that the error is actually not caused by the server in any sense.

::  Sounds great. Is there any trial service provided?
    Due to administrative workload and frequent abuse, we ceased providing trial service for web hosting. You can always test our speed by download files from the Apache Mirror or the PHP Mirror hosted by us. You can also contact sales@netsolutions.com.hk to arrange for a trial on our control panels and various administration tools.

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